Butcher’s shop

At Glasbrenner butcher’s shop in Waldenbuch, you receive fresh products made in-house daily following recipes that we have developed ourselves. We procure our animals from selected farmers in the region and pay strict attention to humane farming. As well as ham and sausage products, we offer marinated barbecuing meats, fish and poultry as well as fresh salads and various types of cheese.

Origin of meat

We procure all the animals for our meat and sausage specialities from the Burgmayer family (Aachtal cattle) and Sauter family (pigs). The animals come from family-run businesses that guarantee humane farming and feeding with domestic grains, corn, grass and potatoes. This ensures that the animals develop optimally – which, in turn, is evident in the extraordinary quality of the meat.

Slaughterhouse cooperative

With its recipe for success "quality meat from the region, for the region”, the Schlachthof eG Landkreis Böblingen (registered slaughterhouse cooperative for the Böblingen district) has drawn nationwide attention. The farmers bring their animals to the slaughterhouse personally. This guarantees humane and careful transportation over short distances. The slaughtering itself takes place in compliance with all animal welfare guidelines.

Own recipes

We create our own recipes for almost all our products. From selecting the raw materials to mixing the right spices – we do everything by hand. This results in the inimitably delicious meat and sausage specialities from Glasbrenner butcher’s shop.